* Morphine: Sangreia Released

Sangreia Skintones


    Sangreia Skin Pack Contents:

  • 4 Make-up Face Styles: Natural, Smoky, Despair & Shade
  • 2 Cleavage Options
  • 2 Eyebrow Variations only: w/ and w/out Black Brow
  • Lola’s Tango / Mirage Appliers
  • Lush Appliers
  • Phat / Cute Azz Appliers
  • *SLink Hands & Feet Appliers (Sangreia Exclusive)

* Note that the SLink Hands and Feet Appliers is not available as an optional to buy, instead it will be delivered to the customer as a secondary item.

** Sangreia Void and Flare tones are exclusive to this fair, if you don’t get this you won’t see it again until Morphine’s Year Ender Sale (December 2014).

Introducing LOVIT Katie – FirstLook kit free for Skin Addiction reviewers

LOVIT Katie FirstLook

LOVIT Katie FirstLook

LOVIT is introducing the Katie avatar today.    The new Katie kit has a FirstLook product that’s free ( almost.. 6 lindens..)   for Skin Addiction group members.   The kit contains three makeup themes with a dozen skins to handle teeth presentation and cleavage options.    It’s a complete kit with a limited edition shape, specifically designed for Skin Addiction.    There are also four pairs of LOVIT eyes from Lottie, Audra, and Nessa product lines.    The skins offer a couple of lip finishes and shadows.       I’d love to hear from any reviewers and you can visit the LOVIT blog.    http://LOVIT-avatars.com.

Finally…   there are some prim nipples..   a nice tattoo.. Day at the Beach has pubic hair, lashes and tan lines on a tattoo layer.   And..  we always give out a really nice pose stand with fifty poses and a subtle face light…    So, all in all…    A FirstLook kit is a taste of more to come..    and we’ll flesh out Katie as a premium kit with mesh support and twenty makeups….   eventually…

Here’s where you can get the product.


Tell me what you think..

CathyAmyA Neuport



Rima is a new exclusive skin made for this cute gacha fair, each play coast only 100L, for each one you get a skin in 3 SKIN TONES”, cleavage option, eyebrow shaper. 3 rares, slink mesh hands and feets appliers, Lolas tango appliers shape modify. ALL SKINS AND THE ITEMS ARE TRANSFER! happy easter to all of you!



LOVIT Marcie makeup mix

We created a video for Marcie….    http://youtu.be/0DGGaR4Lix0

Marcie Avatar

LOVIT Marcie makeup mx


Marcie avatar is extended – LOVIT Avatars

LOVIT has extended the Marcie Avatar kit with several additional makeups, about twenty skins, plus a new shape, eyes, and prim nipples.

Marcie already contains the LOVIT Extra Features package and is a premium avatar kit.

LOVIT FirstLook Extra Products Inventory
- Hairbases
- Prim Lashes
- Prim nipples
- Tattoo Lashes
- Prim Pubic Hair
- Tattoo Pubic Hair
- Tattoo Oil and Tan lines assortment
- Freckle options
- Extra Eyes
- Extra Brow Shapers
- LOVIT Pro Facelight
- LOVIT Pro Posestand
- Dimples tattoo
- Physics
- Red Bikini
- Leopard Bikini
- LOVIT Standard Hairsets ( hair… )
- Shopping Guides ( hair and eyes )

Marcie has three different looks

Marcie has three different looks

psst…  75% off at the main LOVIT Campus..   but not for long….   that’s just $L 250 and we’re doing it to introduce LOVIT…    but we’ve been selling since 2009…


Denton – now 50% off


LOVIT Denton Avatar kit

Rugged handsome guy with five facial hair options and to mod/copy shapes.   Seven pairs of LOVIT eyes,   ( Audra “E” being shown )

50% off at the LOVIT campus for a limited  time

Denton gallery: https://plus.google.com/photos/103091440922959964563/albums/5997709592978450369



After long time we have finally realized a NEW MALE SKIN, and you should see him! Also you can now find the MESH SLINK HANDS APPLIERS!


3 skin tones, 4 different beard options, for each skin body hair option, shape c/M.

Also you can find the appliers for slink mesh hands in all skin tones:


See you at mainstore!


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