.::WoW Skins::. Present the new Lolita skin



The new sexy lolita skin is out to day at mainstore, you will find 4 skin tones, Milk, Tan, Bronze and Darktan. 6 different make ups to choose from, here is an example of them in tan skin tone:



lolita make ups


Each one come with 2 eyebrows colors, Blond ( the basic), and Black eyebrows. 2 freckles add ons, Cleavage option. The shape is copy and modify, and its included inside the fatpack.

But the big news is we finally have our first Mesh Head installers, for the shops mesh head, 4 SKIN TONES FOR EACH ONE, and you will find included, 2 eyebrows colors, and 6 different make ups to choose from, all in one hud!

Lolita mesh head appliers add

You will also find a demo to try the installers on, in blond eyebrows and a natural face. We have also added The shops mesh body installers, 4 skin tones, and cleavage option for each one.

We also made a new slink Visage Applier in 4 skin tones, 2 eyebrows colors, 6 Lips and 6 Eyeshadows included, as well as a basic skin with a cleavage option.

Lolita visage app

You will also find appliers for Loud mouth ( come in all 4 skin tones, and all 6 colors for each skin tone), Lolas, Phat azz, Banned ass, Ghetto Booty, Slink mesh hands and feets, Slink mesh body appliers, Slink Physique, WowMeh, *KL* Lena mesh body appliers, Baby Bump. I think i named all appliers XD.

Come now to our mainstore and try a demo! Taxi


Weekly Round-Up, Sept 12 to 18

Round up with Rors

Hi skin lovers.  Let’s see what’s happened in the week September 12 to 18. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

Pink Fuel – New Release of the Doll V2 skin which comes with all the appliers you can think of and more.

15210635546_a5f4e30a7d_o finaldollallad3 finaldollallad2 appliersincluded nyamnyamandloudmouthapplier

Deesses Skins – The first lipstick set for #TheMeshProject mesh heads has been released at Gacha Mania as well as two new skins, Lucia and Andrea.  (Sorry no picture available for this)

DyVersatile – Retirement sale of older skins at insanely low costs until Sept 20th.

Deana skin frankie skin Macky skin Mala skin Milan Skin

Fallen Gods Inc. – Announced the release of a new line available at A Clockwork Spiral event, as well as a VIP group gift.

[PREVIEW] Anna & Oscar, Materica Rust +Fallen Gods Inc. Prototype Teaser +Fallen Gods Inc. Prototype Teaser 2 +Fallen Gods Inc.

Lumae / AEVA – All Aeva Skins on the second floor of the store are for sale at the reduced price of 100L each for the next few weeks.  Two new tones of the skin Eliana released at the Genre event.

Lumae - Eliana - Tone 5 - Priya Lumae - Eliana - Tone 6 - Priya Lumae - Genre Ad

!Imabee – New Release of the Splendor skin.


.:: WoW ::. – Special promo of the Kimy skin reduced for a short period of time.

.__WoW Skins___ KimY

La Petite Morte - Special promo of the Belle skin


7 Deadly s{K}ins – Garage sale of older skins on the top floor, all 100L. Patience skin release for the Golden Apple Game.


That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping.

<3 Rors


*League* Slink Physique Mesh Body Appliers

League Slink Physique Appliers
*League* Slink Physique Mesh Body Appliers:

Compatible with all League Skins (except Misty/Kate).

Huds include 4 Chest Options and choice of Pubic hair or Shaved.
Automatically applies textures to Slink Hands & Feet as well as the Physique.
Includes an extra Base layer Applier for compatibility with Lolas Tangos. (Appliers for Lolas Tangos themselves are available separately.)
Blend tattoos included in Row1 tones, ensure compatibility with the avatar at neck, hands & feet for all skins whether Slink Hands, Feet or Visage Head is worn or not. (Not needed for Row2 Tones at present)

To use these Appliers you will need the Slink Physique (plus ideally the Slink Hands & Feet), from here: Slink

Get the *League* Slink Physique Appliers here: League Mainstore Skin Section xxx

[Pink Fuel] Doll V2 Skin



A small release from Pink Fuel. A cute sweet skin to accompany our previous Doll skin.

Features a new updated body:

What is Included

Eyebrow Colors: blonde, black, brown, red, nobrow, recolorable – light/med/dark (8 total)
Brows can be edited/recolored to change colors

Lips: Neutral Lip, Red Gloss, Pink Gloss, Orange Gloss, Clear Gloss (5 total)
Eyeshadow: Blue, Green, Noir, Pink, Purple,Sepia, Soft Black, Tears I, Tears II, White (10 total)
Blush: Cute Blush, Remove Blush

[PF] Doll V2 features a new body. As a result, all the following appliers have been updated to reflect this change.

[Pink Fuel] Body Modification Tattoos (changes body appearance):
– Cleavage Enhancer
– Small Chest
– Dehancer
– Athletic
– Ripped
– Boi
– Athletic Boi,
– Curvy

Mesh Appliers:
– Slink Physique Hands, Feet, and Body (Regular, Curvy, Athletic, Ripped + Freckles + Cleavage)
– Wowmeh Mesh Body
– TheShops/TheMeshproject Mesh BODY (Regular, Curvy, Athletic, Ripped + Freckles + Cleavage)
– TheShops/TheMeshproject Mesh HEAD(10 eyebrows, 8 eyeshadows, 5 lips)
– Nyam Nyam Mesh Mouth Appliers
– Loud Mouth Applier
– AMD Baby Bump Applier
– Lola Applier
– Phat/Cute Azz Applier
– LUSH Breast Appliers

BONUS! Dave from Just Designs has kindly donated a pair of matching feet and shoes for Flat and Tip Toe versions. Also a pair of Lolita shoes included.

Weekly Round-up, Sept 5 – 11

Round up with Rors

Hi skin lovers.  Let’s see what’s happened in the week September 5 to 11. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

::Modish:: – Announced their new Alexia line available in 11 skin tones


cStar Limited – Added all 112 skins to the lucky board, as well as a gacha starting at a low $10L and increasing daily.


DeeTalez – Released new faces for TheMeshProject Heads.  Four new faces, five brow styles and hairbases to choose from.

DeeTaleZ Faces - TheMeshProject

ELYSIUM – Pre release of the male new skin line, Jon, available at The Mens Department.


7 Deadly s{K}ins – New Elfy skin available at the Designer Circle Sale Room.  Group Gifts for men and women also still available.

DC-Elfy-Poster Group Girls Sept.2014 Poster Group Gift Sept.14 GUYS

- L A B Y R I N T H - – New skin release, Red, available in 6 skin tones.

_Labyrinth_ Fatpack Faces Advert _Labyrinth_ Red Advert

Ooh-la-licious – Limited Edition Lupita Skin in New Godiva Skin Tone available for a limited time at the 24 Squared event. New TheMeshProject Appliers released.

Ooh-la-licious Lupita - #TheMeshProject Universal Mesh Head 1 Ooh-la-licious Lupita - #TheMeshProject Universal Mesh Head 2 Ooh-la-licious Lupita - #TheMeshProject Universal Mesh Head 3 Ooh-la-licious Lupita - Nadja Baxter Portrait - #TheMeshProject Ooh-la-licious Lupita Limited Edition Godiva -Final Ad 1

LoveMe Skins – Another participant in the 24 Squared event with a limited edition line.  The Kailanny skin.


Lumae – Two more colours of the Fable skin line announced that are released at the We <3 RP event.  The Bambi skin tone is available at The Fantasy Room for only 100L per tone. Hello Titty Hunt prize at the main store is the Evie skin in two tones. ANother hunt skin is the Birthday Kisses skin for the FabFree 7th Birthday hunt.

Fable - Europa - We Love RP Fable - Hunter - We Love RP Lumae - Evie - Bambi Lumae - Hello Titty Hunt Lumae - We Love Roleplay - SeptemberLumae - Odette - Birthday Kisses

La Petite Morte – Find the revamped Gen 2 skin lines now in Fantasy tones at the We <3 RP event for 25% off.


*ANGELICA – New VIP Group Gift, Suzy, in an exclusive skin tone.

(_ANGELICA) SUZY (Exclusive Skin Tone _ honeypink)

.::WoW Skins::. – Sponsoring the 24 Squared Event and have released a limited edition Melissa skin.  The Victoria skin can be found at The Kinds & Queens Fair. KimY skin for only 99L at the Designer Circle event. The Loren skin can be found at the Fresh Style event for only 150L. New group gift out now. Lexie skin also available at the Thrift Shop

.__WoW Skins__. Loren .__WoW Skins__. Jemma gg sept. 2014 .__WoW Skins__. Melissa .__WoW Skins__. Victoria .__WoW Skins___ KimY .__WoW Skins__. Lexie

*BIRTH* – New release of the Sebastian line in 6 tones.

_Birth_ Sebastian Skin Advert

That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping.

<3 Rors


Lexie add copia

4 skin tones, Milk, tan, bronze & darktan. Cleavage option, 2 freckles tattoo add ons, 3 eyebrows colors included in each of the 5 different make ups:

lexie make ups

All appliers availble, for slink physique, slink hands and feets, the mesh project installers, ghetto booty, banned and phat azz appliers, Lush lena, wowmeh, baby bump appliers, lolas.

Fly now to THE THRIFT SHOP!! (event open the doors at 12PM SLT!) TO DAY!

New ::Modish:: Alexa Skin !


Alexa skin comes in 11 skintones from Caucazian white to Dark Ebony!
Every Skintone pack includes skins with 5 eyebrow options:
5 eyebrow options black, blond, brown ginger and no brow!

As well includes bonus of appliers :
SlinkFeet &Hands appliers 
Phat/Cute Azz 
Ghetto ass
Plus 9 enhancement tattoos

Options available separatly:
Slink Physique appliers
TheMeshProject Body appliers
WowMeh Body appliers
Lipsticks in tattoo layer
Visit mainstore
Alexa_Lips Poster