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Nour add

Nour is the new sensual skin we did for the new mesh body addict fair, starting to day. The skin come in 5 skin tones, and 6 make ups for each tone. Each make up pack, come with skin with 2 cleavage option, 3 eyebrow colors, no eyebrow option and eyebrow shaper. But lets see the make ups in a tan skin tone:

nour collage

This is the first exclusive for this awesome fair. Now lets see the second; We have also made Omega appliers with head and body hugs, containing all the make ups for each skin tone of Nour skin, as you all know you can use them for many mesh body and heads (pls have a look at the omega website to be sure your body or head are supported by omega system).

omega nour copia

The fair is already open so take the taxi and have a look.

Enjoy <3 MESH…

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Deesses Boutique presenting: *UPDATED* Alicia, Nadine & Lydia skins

main ad

Deesses Boutique presenting: *UPDATED* Alicia, Nadine & Lydia skins

Because many of you asked about them, here they are!

Alicia, Nadine and Lydia has come back to Deesses Boutique and they are updated to fit the new bodies.

All 3 skins are re-touched to today’s “standards” and they are slightly different from the original ones. Also thier face is more clean and smooth.

Each skin is available in all new 10 tones.

Each tone have also included Slink hands/feet applier, the modifiable shape + a pack of 6 cleavages models for standard body.

Eyebrows are available in 4 colors for both light & dark tones and they are sold separately.

Visit us @ Deesses Boutique

Don’t forget to LIKE our NEW official Deesses Boutique page to stay updated with all the weekly releases!

alicia lipsticks

nadine lipsticks

lydia lipstick

All 3 skins have 20 tattoo lipstick colors available and they are available in 4 different palettes.

Each palette have included 5 colors (the colors from each line) for both light & dark skins.

These lipsticks fitt 70-80% any of other skins from the store.

DEMO for each lipstick it is available in the main DEMO pack available in the store.

Round Up, July 10th to 16th

Hi skin lovers I’m finally back after a lovely vacation and an international move, so let’s see what’s happened in the week July 10th through to the 16th. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

T H E S K I N N E R Y – Emily skin released at the Seasons Story event. Face and body freckles released at The Chapter Four event.  Natsumi skin available at SOU Creation jp event.  Beauty Marks released at Shiny Shabby event.

[theSkinnery] Beauty Marks (LeLutka Applier) Ad [theSkinnery] Emily Ad [theSkinnery] Face & Body Freckles and Face Beauty Marks [theSkinnery] Natsumi (LeLutka Applier) ad for SOU

[MUDSKIN] – Maria skin released at Project Limited event.

Maria ad

Essences – 40% off all retro  and evo skins at the main store until July 31st.  Aribeth and Kendra skins released at Fashion Limited event. Teal gift available at Bella Gacha.

Essences - Aribeth ad Essences - Fashion Limited ad Essences - Teal - Pale02 _black_ [The Gacha Garden - GIFT]

La Petite Morte – Ashley skin released at Indie Teepee event.


7 Deadly s{K}ins – Tavia and Heather skins released at omg Gacha event.  Andrea and Kurt skins released for [B] Unique event.  July group gifts available in the main store. Sientje and Elske new release skins in the main store.  Rosalinde and Savanah skins released for Designer Circle event.  Nadine skin now released for a Marketplace only release.  Baukje skin released at Cosmopolitan event.  Emerald skin released at Black Dot event.

[B]-UniQue-KURT-poster Baukje BUnique-Andera-poster ELSKE-pineapple-poster Emerald-poster-v2 Heather-Poster-new July-group-skin-2015-GUYS-poster July-GROUP-skins-girls-2015 Nadine-skin-box-MP-ONLY!!! Noortje-poster OMG-gacha-TAVIA-skin-posterNEW Rosalinde-chestnut-poster Savanah-poster Sientje-poster-black

That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skinshopping.

<3 Rors


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omega romy

After many request we finally did release our first Omega head appliers, as you all know LOGO mesh heads allow us now to use

omega system, as well as many others mesh heads like EVE.

This omega applier is for Romy skin, it will allow you to apply the skin not only to your mesh head, but also your mesh body, all in one hud.

It come in 5 skin tones, Milk, tan, bronze, darktan and golden. Each pack come with a base skin, and 6 different make ups like shown on the add. Please read the nc included for instruction.

See you at mainstore!

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Check out our exclusive for this round

virginia copia

Skin come in 5 skin tones to choose from, and a demo to try her on. Get the taxi and run!


Our exclusive for this round:

Fatma add

and you find this new gorgeous skin in 5 skin tones! TAXI 


Our excessive this time is dedicated to Lelutka mesh heads lover

aisha lelutka applier add

4 skin tones to choose from, and many make ups in each hud, demo available. TAXI


Our exclusive


5 skin tones to choose from , cleavage option. TAXI

All of our skins support these appliers:

Omega, Belleza,Lolas,Phat azz, Babybump,slink hands, feets and Physique, EVE, and many more!!

Don’t forget our BIG SUMMER SALE! Everything at store placed at 50% off until tomorrow!



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Weekly Roundup – Jul 3rd through Jul 9th

Hello Skinnies! Here are your new releases for July 3rd through July 9th. We’ve got some lovelies, some gifties, and some for those who are almost human.

Belleza – Released Eva in Sunkissed and Tan tonse for Fifty Linden Friday at the main store. No preview provided.

Deeses – Released Caitlin at The Showroom. They also released their Sonia skin at Fashiontropic.

Deesses - Caitlyn
Deesses Boutique - Sonia skin

Angelica – Released their Ai-Ling skin at Candy Fair.


Mudskin –  Released Reina, Ivy, and Mido with Lelutka appliers. Also! Versions of Reina, Mido, and Ivy are available at the mainstore in the Lucky Board.

Mudskin - Reina for Lelutka

Mudskin - Mido for Lelutka

Mudskin - Ivy for Lelutka

MUDSKIN - Reina - Lucky Board

MUDSKIN - Mido - Lucky Board

MUDSKIN - Ivy - Lucky Board

WoW Skins –  Released a new group giift Stella V2 for July.  Patrizia V2 was also released at Designer Circle. They also released Lagherta at the OLALA Event.

WoW Skins - Stella V2 - July Group Gift

WoW Skins - V2 Patrizia

WoW Skins - V2 Lagherta

Lumae – released skins Jewel and Adore in fantasy tones, Hecate and Nyx, at the mainstore.

Lumae - Adore - Hecate

Lumae - Jewel - Hecate

Lumae - Adore - NyxLumae - Jewel - Nyx

Style by Kira – has a free skin at the Flawless Cart Sale.

Style by Kira - Nessima Skin 03N
Fallen Gods – Releaed Death and Good Omens skins for both males and females at A Tattered Page.

About Death and Good OmensDeath +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Feminine
Death +Fallen Gods Inc.+ MasculineAlterEgo – Has a limited edition of Kensi available at their mainstore location. AlterEgo I Kensi Ash Tan - Limited Edition

That is all for this week. Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget yhour new face!


*League* Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers: Luna

League Lelutka Head Appliers: Luna*League* Lelutka Head Appliers – Luna

Available in 2 Sets with a selection of different eye makeups and lipsticks in each (both also include a natural face), Freckles option and a choice of 5 brow options.

Eye makeups are on the upper Base Layer of the Lelutka Head meaning that you can use the upper Makeup Layer for other things, for example: layer another eyemakeup over the top for different effects or wear moles/beauty marks/alternative brows/absolutely anything else on the makeup layer, and still have made-up eyes!

Lipsticks are on the Lower (Lips) Makeup Layer of the mesh head so that they can be adjusted with the Blend and Gloss options on the Lelutka Head Hud to achieve a variety of different shades and effects.

League Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers -Luna -Coming Soon!Pick up a free Demo before purchase and try the Demo Huds!

Tp to League Mainstore!