LPM for Creation.jp

La Petite Morte is participating in Creation JP’s new round with a fresh new face, Duchess! See the pic below.


The event opens at 12:00 am SLT March 21st!

Creation JP

Also, remember that Skin Fair 2015 is still going! La Petite Morte is a proud sponsor of this event, and has two new faces for you.

Sadie is vivacious, fresh and youthful.


Maja is sultry, lush and sophisticated.


To demo or purchase either (or both!) Maja or Sadie, please visit Skin Fair. Nyam Nyam and Loud Mouth appliers are available for both skins in the Skin Fair booth. You’ll find LPM on Sim 2 at Skin Fair 2015.

Skin Fair Sim 2

For all other appliers, please visit the La Petite Morte mainstore.

LPM Mainstore

For more information about Skin Fair 2015, please visit the official blog.

.::WoW Skins::. AT FASHION FOR LIFE 2015 – MILAN

Charlize copia

This year we are part of the Fashion for Life fair, Milan Sim, and we have a new and exclusive skin for you, all profit 100% will go to the American Cancer Society. But lets see what you will get with this skin package, skin with cleavage option in 5 different skin tones, Milk, Tan, Bronze, Darktan and golden. The skin come in a natural look, but we also made an exclusive set of make up for her:

eyeliner pack

Eyeliner pack is sold separate, contain 4 different and soft eyeliners in tattoo layers that you can use with our Charlize skin or with any other skin you want, and of course all profit is 100% as well to American Cancer Society.

Lipstick pack

Same for the Lipstick pack, which contain 6 different colors in tattoo layers, and in 2 versions. Demo for the skin is available.

The Fashion for life fair will open to day 21 March at 10AM SLT Take the taxi: FASHION FOR LIFE 2015

Round Up, Mar 6th to 19th


Hi skin lovers.  Let’s see what’s happened in the weeks Mar 6 to 19.  It’s a bit of a big post this week as we’re playing catch up on last week being missed, and it’s Skin Fair time of the year. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

[MUDSKIN] – New Blossom skin released in the gacha at the mainstore.  Late Bird skin is FREE at Kustom9 event.  Rose skin released at Skin Fair.  Madam A skin released at Cosmopolitan.

Blossom Blossom2 Late Bird Madam A Rose_ad1 Rose_ad2 Rose_ad3

Lumae – Fable released at We <3 Roleplay event. Odette skin released at the Fantasy Room event.  Eliana skin can be found in the mainstore for the Femboy Hunt.  Alaska Arcane available at Genre event.  Star Heartache skins available for group gifts still.  Jewel skin released at Skin Fair.

Lumae - Femboy Hunt Prize - Eliana -Nebula Lumae - Alaska - Arcane Genre Lumae - Star - Heartache - SLFAO Lumae - Star - Heartache - Lumae GG Lumae - Star - Heartache - FabFreeGGLumae - Fable - Envy Lumae - Odette - Eostre (The Fantasy Room) Lumae - We Love RP - MarchLumae - Jewel - Apricots SF Lumae - Jewel - Bare SF Lumae - Jewel - Ruby SF

ND/MD – Fay Nile skin released exclusive to Skin Fair.

ND_MD Fay nile - skin fair exclusive

LOUX – Livla skin released at Skin Fair.

- LOUX - Livla - 799L

EGOZY – Thaliah and Vilda skins released at Skin Fair

16461533050_8bc3a190c3_o 16577179339_ff8bbdddf4_o

Elysium – Anja skin released at Skin Fair.

elysium anja

La Petite Morte – Sadie and Maja skins released at Skin Fair.

LPM Maja Skin Fair LPM Sadie Skin Fair

NIVARO – Sven skin released in store.

-Nivaro- Sven Skin Advert

Izzie’s – Romy skin released at Skin Fair.

Izzie's - Romy Skin AD

Deesses – Nadine V2 and Stacey released at Skin Fair.

Deesses - Nadine v2 Deesses - Stacey

Oh-la-licious – Shahira skin released at Skin fair.  Mens skin, Giovanni, to be released at Mens Wear Fashion Week.

Ooh-la-licious Giovanni Ad - MWFW 2015 Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Peaches & Cream Ad Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Teaser Ad

LoveMe Skin – Brenda skin group gift available in store.  Reagan, Ashley and Jessica released at Skin Fair.

LoveMe Skins - Group Gift BrendaAd LoveMe SKins - Skin FairFlyer

Essences – Fortuna, Storm and Rain released at Skin Fair.

Skin Fair 2015 - PGP and Essences [ad]

[theSkinnery] – Julie skin released at Shiny Shabby event.  Cristy skin released at The Arcade.

[theSkinnery] Julie ad for Shiny Shabby [theSkinnery]-Cristy-demo-ad [theSkinnery]-Cristy-gatcha-key-1024

[ iren ] – Lolita, Galina and Kate skins released at Skin Fair.

Galina_vendor Kate_vendor lolita_vendor

MARIKO – Yunna, Mette and Daisy released instore.

daisy vendor mette vendor yunna vandor

Fallen Gods Inc. – Capt Nemo and Thalassa available for A Tattered Page event.

PREVIEW_ Captain Nemo & Thalassa +Fallen Gods Inc.

BIRTH - New skin Aria released in store.

_Birth_ Aria Skin Advert

JOLI – Female and Male group gifts out now in store.  New releases marked down for the month of march and limited editions Datura skins available.

__JOLI__ Datura Skin Alabaster __JOLI__ Datura Skin Vampire __JOLI__ March '14 Group Gift Female __JOLI__ March '14 Group Gift Male __JOLI__ March '14 Skin Bronze __JOLI__ March '14 Skin Pale

That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping.

<3 Rors

LPM @ Skin Fair

La Petite Morte is a proud sponsor of Skin Fair 2015, and for this highly anticipated event, LPM presents two brand new faces!

Sadie is vivacious, fresh and youthful.


Maja is sultry, lush and sophisticated.


To demo or purchase either (or both!) Maja or Sadie, please visit Skin Fair. Nyam Nyam and Loud Mouth appliers are available for both skins in the Skin Fair booth. You’ll find LPM on Sim 2 at Skin Fair 2015.

Skin Fair Sim 2

For all other appliers, please visit the La Petite Morte mainstore.

LPM Mainstore

For more information about Skin Fair 2015, please visit the official blog.

SKIN FAIR 2015 EXCLUSIVE .::WoW Skins::.

ilenia skin add new no sl

Ilenia skin come in 5 skin tones, Milk, tan, bronze, darktan and golden. With 6 different make ups for each tone:

ilenia collage

This is an example in Tan. Each skin make up pack, include cleavage option, 3 eyebrow colors in skin (blond, black and red) and a no brow option, eyebrow shape, styling card;

Shape is copy and modify, can be sold apart or free included on the fatpacks. Each make up is only 499L, Fatpacks only 2499L.

Appliers available: Maitreya, Belleza, slink, slink physique, Lena, wowmeh, Banned, omega, Lolas, Babybump, Phat/cute azz, TMP, ghetto booty.


Here is a picture made with Ilenia skin by one of our amazing bloggers and friend Niani Resident. Her flickr

We have also made Appliers for PXL SWEET LIPS compatible with Ilenia skin, that you can find also at skin fair:

pxl pic copia

The appliers come in 6 different colors for each skin tone. You can buy the PXL sweet lips also at skin fair, they booth is really close to our.

Find us at skin fair SIM 1 upstairs.

Skin Fair – Skin Review, La Petite Morte

Skin Fair is just around the corner and the one thing I can’t stress enough is to demo EVERYTHING. We all use different windlight settings, affecting the way we see things on our monitors. Everyone has different monitor settings that may cause things to seem brighter or darker. And not only that, the shapes that designers use for the skins in the pictures may not look anything like your shape and it can have a drastic impact on how the skin looks on you.

Skin Fair Skin Review - La Petite Morte Pic 1

Another thing worth mention is the way in which skin stores display their vendors. Some have little bottles coloured with the skin tone, others have a box with a texture. But the way a skin colour looks on a flat texture prim compared to the SL Avatar or mesh body is different. A prime example is the way in which La Petite Morte displays their skin options. The pic above is how you will see the options for purchasing. If you were to rely on thee images you would get a different skin tone if you bought blindly. DEMO’s are your friend! I am a fan of these skins and I wear them frequently so I remember which tone is which now.

Skin Fair Skin Review - La Petite Morte Pic 5

But you can see the difference between the liquid make up style swatch compared to the skin is different. Don’t be put off by looking at bottles/boxes on a shelf thinking none of the ‘colours’ there look like your preferred skin tone. Grab a demo – it doesn’t cost you anything – and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Skin Fair Skin Review - La Petite Morte Pic 6

The Maja line is a lovely skin for those that like a plump lip look. The eyebrows are probably one of my favourites from La Petite Morte so far, nicely shaped, not too thick and they sit nicely with my current eyebrow shape.  If you are someone who likes blonde or coloured eyebrows then you will need to scout around for some tattoo layer eyebrows.  La Petite Morte skins only come with the one eyebrow colour, which is shown.  It works perfect for me as most of the eyebrows on the skins are dark and I am typical dark haired.  However each skin also comes with an eyebrow free version for this very reason.

Skin Fair Skin Review - La Petite Morte Pic 7

If you like darker skin tones I really suggest trying both tone 7 and tone 8. There’s quite a leap between them compared to the other tones but both are very pretty depending on which tone you prefer.

Skin Fair Skin Review - La Petite Morte Pic 2

I used the Maitreya Body for the photos of the Maja line and I am using the SLink body for the Sadie line. All appliers you will find in the La Petite Morte main store and you are wanting the Gen 2 appliers. I encountered an issue with the SLink body / hands / feet not looking seamless and with obvious colour variances. Thankfully it seems it was an SL bug the day I took the photos. I contacted the owner Voshie Paine and mentioned the issue and after a few minutes talking and me testing the skins again everything was fine. It’s always nice to have a designer that is more than happy to listen and help even if the issue is server side and not theirs.

Skin Fair Skin Review - La Petite Morte Pic 3

This is where I wish I could meld skins together. I am in love with the little chin dimple on the new Sadie skin, but I love the eyebrows from Maja skin. Sadie’s eyebrows are more on the ‘bushy’ side but playing around with your eyebrow shape may reduce this some. As a lover of Pale skins the one thing I would love to see a little more definition on is the collar bones and the dimple. The darker the skin tone gets the more these two stand out though. I also love the new lip style that Sadie has. The little extra detail around the lip line and the more defined lip wrinkles are quite pretty.

Skin Fair Skin Review - La Petite Morte Pic 4

So please – if you are looking for a new skin. Make two trips, it is totally worth it in the end. Grab a demo for every store that you can. Go home and test them all in different light settings and make a list of what you want. You’ll be surprised and may end up getting something you never thought you would before.

<3 Rors

Skin: La Petite Morte – Maja *Skin Fair*
Hair: TRUTH – Lavinia – Fades (mesh)
Eyes: [Buzzeri] – Bewitched Eyes – Angel
Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Lingerie: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara Lingerie (mesh)
Pose: fri.day – sweet.sour pose 4

Skin: La Petite Morte – Sadie *Skin Fair*
Hair: [Due] – Victoria 02 (mesh) *Past Group Gift*
Eyes: [Buzzeri] – Bewitched Eyes – Angel
Body: SLink – Physique Mesh Body
Hands: SLink – AvEnhance Female – Relaxed (mesh)
Feet: SLink – AvEnhance Feet Female Flat (mesh)
Lingerie: SLink – Basic Lingerie Applier HUD included with Mesh Body
Pose: GLITTERATI – Closeup 8