-Birth- ‘Nova’ Genus @ TLC, Benjamin @ TMD, Goat Beard @ Mainstore

@ The Liason Collaborative
Birth’s stand here:

‘Nova’ Skin Genus/ Omega Head Applier.

-Birth- 'Nova' Genus & Omega Appliers Advert

These appliers were tailor made to Genus’ head. It is an omega applier though so works with any omega applier head although results may vary so please test with demos!

Available in 8 tones.
Browless Option
Eyebrows in Black, Brown, Blonde, Red.
8 Eyeshadows
10 Lipsticks
Bento Shape Included (Shape in advert is Genus’ head.)


@ The Men’s Department
Birth’s Stand here:


-Birth- 'Benjamin' Catwa Applier Advert

Handsome and happy with a cheeky glint.


– Shape included (head in advert is Catwa’s ‘Daniel’)
– 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).
– 4 Eyebrow Colours.
– Browless Option.
– 6 Beards in Tintable White
– Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Hairbase Colours.
– Tintable White Hairbase.
– ‘Off’ Buttons for Hairbase and Beards.

‘Goat’ Beard Applier

-Birth- Beard Applier 'Goat' Advert

Stylish chin bristles and stamp under the lips.
Catwa, omega. In various colours.

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http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Down Under/22/186/22




*Birth* Lootbox, Sale, Mainstore Release

@ The Lootbox

Birth’s stand here: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wild%20River/129/93/100

-Birth- 'Ursula Halloween' Lelutka Appliers

‘Halloween Ursula’ Lelutka Appliers

Hallow’s Eve themed makup and appliers for Lelutka. Nice and early for anyone looking

foreward to october and wants to dress up.

Skin applier bundle for the Lootbox rares packaged.

4 halloween oozing blood/ paint lipsticks and eyebrows.

4 sets of paired lipsticks and eyeshadow (2 tones per common prize)


A first at Birth for Vista’s awesome new mesh head, choc full of animations and options. Thick brows, rock solid cheekbones and lickable lips.

 -Birth- 'Bennett' Vista head Applier

– Shape included (head in advert is Vista’s ‘Gerard’)

– 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).

– Brow and browless Option.

– Black, Blonde, Brown, Red Eyebrows Colours.

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○●○○●○○ *B I R T H* BARGAIN WEEKENDS ●○○●○○●

50% OFF !

 -Birth- BBW Sale - Peacock and Sprial Makeup 50% Of

Every 3rd weekend of the month Birth is Bargain Weekends@Birth.

Friday to Sunday on the 3rd weekend, mark your calendars cause it’s Birth Bargain Weekend!

This month we have a double whammy of a sale. Both ‘Peacock’ and ‘Spiral’ Catwa eyeshadows are half price. Just 125L$!

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-Birth- ‘Nova’ Genus Omega Appliers Gacha/ Beard Applier ‘Goat’ Advert @ Ultra

-Birth- 'Nova' Genus Omega Appliers Gacha Advert

‘NOVA’ Genus/ Omega APPLIER

A double first at Birth, applier for Genus that is also a Gacha.
3 Rares, skin appliers with matching Maitreya for the body (more available in store.)

Twin packs of makeup in each commons gacha. Lipsticks, textured blush and a litany of eyeshdows.

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-Birth- Beard Applier 'Goat' Advert.jpg

‘Goat’ Beard Applier

Stylish chin bristles and stamp under the lips.
Catwa, omega. In various colours.

Tp to Birth’s stand here:
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Down Under/22/186/22




*Birth* -Elemental Store – Freebie, Bow, Mainstore Beard

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chrysanthemum Island/32/92/2001

Hello folks :). I am proud to announce I am opening a new store with my good friend Vixn Dagger of Venge. We both love fantasy and the roleplay community in SL, so decided to make a store a store that specialises in it.

Anybody who’s enjoyed my fantasy skin creations at Birth will get alot more of them and other fantasy creations down at ‘Elemental’. Will not be doing further posts for Elemental in

Birth’s flickr, but thought my customers may enjoy the new store.

-Elemental- 'Fantasy Skin' Appliers - Group Gift Advert.jpg


http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chrysanthemum Island/32/92/2001

Elemental is doing monthly roleplay themed group gifts! On the 2nd Saturday of every month.
This month’s is a little early with our debut releases). Join group and click the poster at our store.

Dappled, two toned fantasy skin.
Comes with makeup and plain face.
Catwa (Head) & Maitreya (Body) Appliers.


-Elemental- 'Elven Bow' Advert

Ornate and swirly, bow, arrows and quiver decoration.
Beads down the string, natural twig tipped arrows.
Elven signature above the handle.

– Huge Extensive Hud –
Colour changes below:
6 Beads
10 Bow & String
10 Arrows
10 Handles
10 Quivers

@ We ❤ RP (Starts 4th) :


‘Full’ Applier Beard.

Nice full and thick hair on the face. What says mature more than a full head of fuzzy cheeks?
Catwa, omega. In various colours.

-Birth- Beard Applier 'Full'

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