*League* Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers!

League Lelutka Head Appliers -Edit: Out Now!

*League* Lelutka Head Appliers – Milla

Available in 2 Sets with a selection of different eye makeups and lipsticks in each (both also include a natural face), Freckles option and a choice of 5 brow options.

Eye makeups for Milla are on the upper Base Layer of the Lelutka Head, this means that you can use the upper Makeup Layer for other things, for example: layer another eyemakeup over the top for different effects or wear moles/beauty marks/alternative brows/absolutely anything else on the makeup layer, and still have made-up eyes!

Lipsticks are on the Lower (Lips) Makeup Layer of the mesh head so that they can be adjusted with the Blend and Gloss options on the Lelutka Head Hud to achieve a variety of different shades and effects.

Pick up a free Demo before purchase and try the Demo Huds!

Also out now, to wear with Milla (or with any other Lelutka Head skin base):

*League* Lelutka Mesh Head Appliers: Moles/Beauty Marks

*League* Lelutka Head Applier Moles/Beauty Marks

A range of different mole/beauty marks appliers in one Hud; 8, each with a mirror option for a total of 16 appliers. Moles on the upper half of the face are on the Upper(Eyes) Makeup Layer, those near the lips are on the Lower(Lips) Makeup Layer, so you can play with a range of combinations; being on the Makeup Layers means you can use the Gloss and Blend options on your Lelutka Head Hud to lighten the moles/beauty marks if needed to just the shade youd like for your skin or add gloss to your eyes and/or lips!

Includes 2 Huds, one regular and one darker for darker skins.

Tp to League Mainstore!

Round Up, May 8th to 14th


Hi skin lovers so let’s see what’s happened in the week May 8th through to 14th. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

WoW Skins – New May group gift available (no preview available).

Style by Kira – Vivica skin available at Designer Showcase.

Vivica Skin Ad 01H

7 Deadly s{K}ins – Mothers Day Special skin, Lacy.


Elysium – Devine and Iman available at anyBody event.

Elysium Devine @ Anybody Elysium Iman @ Anybody

Fallen Gods Inc. – Oceanica available at We <3 RolePlay

PREVIEW Two +Fallen Gods Inc. WE_3RP May 15

[ MUDSIKN ] – Renee skin available at Cosmopolitan event.


Renee_ADLumae – Adore Tulip available for 75L. Jewel and Adore Euryale available at We <3 Role Play.

Lumae - Adore - Euryale Lumae - Adore - Tulips (LeLutka) Lumae - Jewel - Euryale

That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping.

<3 Rors

Round Up, Apr 10th to 16th


Hi skin lovers. I some how missed a day this week and thought yesterday was Thusrday, not Friday.  So let’s see what’s happened in the week Apr 10 to 16, a day late is better than not at all. * If you miss an opportunity to visit one of the events listed below, before they close, don’t forget to stop by the main store locations to see if the releases will be an in store item afterwards.*

Lumae:  Group Gifts for Lumae VIPs, Big Boobie Babes Freebies Group, Second Life Free & Offers Group and Fabulously Free Group.  Adore & Jewel Priestess available at We <3 RP. Adore Cherry Pie and Adore & Jewel Scream Queen available at Genre. Adore Bare available for Lazy Sunday.

Lumae - Adore - Priestess Lumae - Jewel - Priestess Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 4 & 8 FabFree GG Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 1 & 5 Lumae GG Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 2 & 6 BBBF Gift Lumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 3 & 7 SLF&O GGLumae - Adore - Bare Lumae - Adore - Cherry Pie Lumae - Adore and Jewel - Scream Queen

[ MUDSKIN ]:  Lady Luck available at Kustom9.  Sweety Bell released at Cosmopolitan Room.  Lovely Bell released at We <3 RP.  My Ugly Doll available at Chapter Four.

Lady Luck_AD Lady Luck_AD2MY UGLY DOLL_ad2Sweety Bell_ad2Lady Luck_AD Lady Luck_AD2 Lovely Bell_ad Sweety Bell_ad2

WoW Skins:  Susse released at The 100 Block Fashion Fair.  Phraya V2 out now at the Designer Circle.  Kendra Group Gift for April now available.

.__WoW Skins__. Susse .__WoW Skins__. V2 Kendra GG APRIL .__WoW Skins__. V2 Phraya

Mariko: New skins out – Yuuna, Daisy, Peach and Mette.

daisy vendor mette vendor peach vandor yunna vandor

Elysium: Emily skin for the Dressing Room.

Elysium for TDR - 10th April round

7 Deadly s{K}ins:  Limited Edition duo sales for the Lilou, Nora, Joanie, Lilimore, Elza and Ghiara skins. Damien, Faith and Temperance skins new in store.  Elijah and Presley available at the Rock Attitude Fair.

Rock-Attitude-Presley-poster Rock-Attitude-ELIJAH-poster Temperance-Store-Poster FAITH-Store-Poster-Caramel STORE-POSTER-DAMIENLimited-Edition-Ghiara-dark-poster Limited-Edition-Ghiara-light-poster Limited-Edition-Joanie-Poster Limited-Edition-Lilou-dark-poster Limited-Edition-Lilou-light-poster Limited-Edition-Nora-dark-poster Limited-Edition-Nora-light-poster Limited-Elza-dark-poster Limited-Elza-light-poster Limited-Lilimore-Poster

L A B Y R I N T H – Trent skin now available.

-Labyrinth- Trent Skin Advert

DyVersatile SKins – Limited Edition Chardae skin available.

Limited Chardae

That’s it for this weeks round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping.

<3 Rors

.::WoW Skins::. 2 new skins at dc event, and at the 100 block fashion fair

After a week of break, we are back, and we have 2 new gorgeous skins for you.

> THE 100 BLOCK FF, new Susse skin, 5 skin tones to choose from, cleavage option, shape c/m included in each skin tone, no brows option and 3 eyebrow colors included.


You will also find a Lipstick set for this skin in 6 sensual colors

lips collage

Of course all appliers are available, like slink, mastery, belleza, lols and much more!!


>NEW AT DESIGNER CIRCLE, we have this beauty, Phraya, in 5 skin tones, cleavage option for each one. ONLY 99L!!


All appliers are available in any skin vendor at mainstore (downstairs)


Round up, April 3rd through April 9th

Hello, skin addicts! I have another week of skins to feed your addiction from April 3rd through the 9th. Don’t forget! If you missed the release at an event, check the main store to see if the releases are there.

7 Deadly s{K}ins – David and Stefanie V1 and V2 are group gifts for Easter, but require you to go to the store and hatch an egg on a nest. Skins Damien, Faith, and Temperance originally released at Skin Fair are now at the main store. Elijah and Presley are available at The Rock Attitude Fair. There is a new limited release skin, only twenty will be sold, at the main store named Julian. Going Bust skin Cindy has been released. The fourth box of Elijah is now available in the main store. Bonniie was released at Designer Showcase. Marina has been released for a new round of [B]-Unique, which takes place at the main store. Gwen was released for Hello Tuesday! Robyn is at Feeb’s Rascals, Bregie is at Lubbly Jubblies, and Deanna at Room69.

David-easter-camp-posterHappy-Easter-Stefanie-v1Happy-Easter-Stefanie-v2-posterSTORE-POSTER-DAMIENFAITH-Store-Poster-CaramelTemperance-Store-PosterRock-Attitude-ELIJAH-posterRock-Attitude-Presley-posterJulian7 Deadly s{K}ins - Going-Bust-Cindy-POSTERElijah-box-4-FATPACK-posterElijah-BOX-4-cotton-posterElijah-BOX-4-caramel-posterElijah-BOX-4-taupe-posterElijah-BOX4-Walnut-posterDS-Bonnie-poster[B]-Unique-MarinaRoom-69-Gwen-PosterFeeb's-Robyn-PosterDS-DEANNA-poster

Bad@zz – Released new skin Game at their main store.

New Male Bad@zz skin _Game_

Dyversatile Skins – Released Chardae, limited to 100 copies, at their main store location.

Limited ChardaeLimited Chardae2Limited Chardae3Limited Chardae4

Mudskin – Released My Ugly Doll at The Chapter Four. Ria was released at the Cosmopolitan Showroom.

MY UGLY DOLL_ad2Ria_adRia_ad2Ria_makeup chart1Ria_makeup chart2



Belleza – Tess skin now available at the main store.  Photo unavailable.

Lumae – Jewel and Adore are now available at a discount at We ♥ RP this round. Different versions of Adore are now available at the mainstore, Big Boobie Babes Freebies, and FabFree HQ as gifts!

Lumae - Jewel - PriestessLumae - Jewel - Priestess Makeup OptionsLumae - Adore - PriestessLumae - Adore - Priestess Makeup OptionsLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 1 & 5 Lumae GGLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 2 & 6 BBBF GiftLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 3 & 7 SLF&O GGLumae - Adore - Quirk Tone 4 & 8 FabFree GG


PXL Creations – Released Aurora at We ♥ RP.

[PXL] Aurora preview

LoveMe Skins – New group gift named Leslie for April at mainstore location. Exclusive skin, Dawn, released at the Makeover Room.

LoveMe Skins - April Group Gift - LeslieLoveMe Skins - Dawn Skin [MakeOver Room]

Nivaro – Released new skin Artie at the main store.

-Nivaro- Artie Advert

Ooh-la-licious – Released the Shahira collection at their main store.

Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Teaser AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Vanilla AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Peaches & Cream AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Honey AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Caramel AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Amaretto AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Mocha AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Cocoa AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Brown Sugar AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Chocolate AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Espresso AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Godiva AdOoh-la-licious Shahira - Lip Gloss Options 1 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Bare_Nude Lip Options - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Skin Tones 1 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Skin Tones 2 - Sydd SinisterOoh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 4Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 1Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 2Ooh-la-licious Shahira - Nadja Baxter Promo - #TheMeshProject 3


Ruby Skins – Released Phoebe at the Makeover Room. Photo unavailable.

AlterEgo – Released the Kensi collection at AnyBody.

[AE] Kensi Collection [Powder]


YS&YS – Released Edith and Viola at their new mainstore.


DeeTaleZ – Released Brianna at The 100 Block.


..and that is the round-up for this week.  Enjoy your weekend, wherever you may be, and happy skin shopping!