PXL Creations Gaia

Brand new and fully released is Gaia atPXL Creations.  For group members, also the Gaia shape is available in the VIP room,  with the usual 10% discount.

Gaia is available in 6 skintones and has natural lips and  3 (classic) eye options on the base skin, as well as 3 cleavage options, 3 eyebrow options and freckle options to accomodate the SL residents who are still reluctant to use a viewer which supports the use of multiple (tattoo) layers.

If you DO use multiple tattoo layers, the possibilities are almost limitless. Hart provides you with extra hairbases (normal and buzz cut) a full body freckle tattoo. You can purchase as many as 15 different eye shadows and lipsticks to give you maximum liberty.

Taxi to PXL Creations 


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