[PXL] FAITH skin line

After several months of work, PXL Creations is proudly releasing Faith, a new skin line with the addition of two new skin tones, Olive and Ebony.

[ PXL ] FAITH Pale

[PXL] FAITH Natural

[PXL] FAITH SunKissed




Olive and Ebony have been added to create more options and greater flexibility for women to find the skin that suits them best.

[PXL] FAITH Olive (New Tone)


[PXL] FAITH vendor Sample

The basic skin package comes with Dark, Medium and Light Eyebrows, a regular hairbase and buzzcut hairbase tattoo, three cleavage options with and without freckles and a tattoo for full-body freckles.

There are 15 lip tattoos and 11 eye shadows that you can purchase individually or in self-designed fatpacks. As always, there’s a 10% discount for VIP Group members.

All tones are available at PXL Creations today.


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