Liliskins Free Skin & Gacha Lip Colors

Available now is the free Liliskins July Group Gift! July’s birthstone is the deep, entrancing ruby, full of mystery and intrigue.  You’ll find the same in the new Group Gift, Ruby.  You can pick it up only during the month of July at the Liliskins in world store. The gift comes with all 7 skin tones, 2 cleavage options and 3 brow color choices.

Liliskins Ad - July - Ruby

Gacha lipcolors now at Liliskins for just 25L$ a try! Leopard Spots and Tiger Stripes lip tattoos that you can wear with any skin. There are 9 colors in each collection, 3 rares, and every color has 4 gloss options just like the regular Liliskins lip colors; matte, soft shine, gloss and high gloss.

They are transferable so you can trade them with your friends! Collect them all!

Liliskins Ad - Lipcolor Leopards Gacha

Liliskins Ad - Lipcolor Tigers Gacha

Only available at Liliskins 105, 85, 21.


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