[Pink Fuel] Wowmeh Appliers

Wowmeh Appliers

Wowmeh Appliers

Fully Uncensored Version here
4 Body Types: Default, Athletic, Ripped and Curvy.
3 Breast Shadings: Small Chest, Default, and Cleavage
2 Nipple Options: Light and Dark

Full body freckle versions available for each body and cleavage combination. Does not take up any clothing layers. All of this is directly onto the skin.

44 different variations possible.

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2 thoughts on “[Pink Fuel] Wowmeh Appliers

    • mochimilena says:

      Hi jeangenie! The Shops have not released a Developer pack for their body yet so that option is not available. When they do, I’ll be sure to work on appliers for it!

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