[Pink Fuel] CATWA “Bambi” Applier


Hello friends!

Presenting Bambi. Fresh and cute with numerous options to mix up her look.

At the moment she is only available in Crystal, Peach and Latte. She will be expanded to the other skintones later.

Shown on CATWA’s Dyana Head. She works across other Catwa Heads as well except Jessica.


– 9 Eyebrow Colors (no eyebrow included)
– 11 Eyeshadows
– 5 Lipsticks
– Button Nose Option
– Blushed Cheeks (Pink And Peach)
– Creased and Monolid eyes (featuring a clean eyelid on both)
– Freckles (on ‘Blush’ layer)
– Dimples (Shallow and Deep versions on’Blush’ layer)

2 Additional Lipstick packs are also for sale. Swing by and try a DEMO!


Available at The Kawaii Project:


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