-Birth- ‘Nova’ Fantasy Skin Appliers Advert & BBW Sale

@ Whimsical (Starts 18th)
Birth’s Stand:

-Birth- 'Nova' Fantasy Skin Appliers Advert

‘NOVA’ fantasy appliers for women.

Gradient toned limbs of purple over yummy pale main skin tone.
Floral decorative makeup on the face of Nova, a new Lelutka applier that will get
a normal skin release later.

Shape is included for Lelutka’s ‘Simone’ head.


○●○○●○○ *B I R T H* BARGAIN WEEKENDS ●○○●○○●

50% OFF !

BBW Sale - Tatt00_001

Every 3rd weekend of the month Birth is Bargian Weekends@Birth.
Friday to Sunday on the 3rd weekend, mark your calendars cause
it’s Birth Bargain Weekend!

This month we have unisex ‘Wildside’ Tattoo. A nature themed, unisex, omega compatible tattoo for just 150L!.

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Birth- Mainstore Releases – ‘Asher’ Signature Applier & Beard Applier ‘Bristle’

Somewhere between rugged and trimmed beard applier.

Catwa and Omega.

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– Shape included (head in advert is Signature’s Gianni) [Demo is no mod

huge hands and feet, full version is modify].

– 9 Tones in Fatpacks (Full Range).

– 4 Eyebrow Colours.

– Browless Option.

– 2 Beards in Tintable White


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-Birth- @ The Enchantment & The Men’s Jail

‘Rose’ Earrings Advert @ The Enchantment (Starts 11th)

@ The Enchantment (Starts 11th(

(One of my favourite events it’s truly magical, lots of stores, a bazaar of fantasy).

 -Birth- 'Rose' Earrings Advert Enchantment

‘Rose’ Earrings

Beautiful gemstones dangling from the ear leading to glossy ornate rose.

Extensive Hud – textures, tint, resizing.

Packed to the brim with texture changing options.

10 Lace Colours

10 Rose Colours

7 Chain/ Hook Metal Colours

14 Gemstone Colour variations

Also very useful tinting and monotone colour scheme for even more colours.

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Beard Applier ‘Full’ @ The Men’s Jail

-Birth- Beard Applier 'Full'

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Nice full and thick hair on the face. What says mature more than a full head of fuzzy cheeks?

Catwa, omega. In various colours.


-Birth- Bliss Fantasy, Secret Collar, MOH/ WOH Hunt

Now permanently at Mainstore:

‘Bliss’ Fantasy APPLIERS

-Birth- Bliss Fantasy Appliers Advert

Subtly multi hued purple skin with two options. Green and blue markings, makeup, and eyebrows for a scrumptious magical skin.

Maitreya and Catwa for the head and body.

-Birth- 'Secret' Choker Collar, Bracelets, Anklets Advert PG

Secret Collar, Anklet, Bracelets.

Pretty and dainty jewellery or submissive wear.

Extensive Hud – textures, tint, resizing.
– 6 Metals (clasp and general)
– 12 Velvet
– 12 Satin
– 10 Gemstone Colours

Collar in two sizes, and scripted/ unscripted (decoration only) version for Open Collar Scripts.
Matching bracelets and anklets.

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MOH / WOH Hunt! (4th August)

August 4th to 18th, 2018

For this year’s awesome hunt we have some jewelery for both genders:

For the ladies, a rather luxiriously swirling curling collection of Laramar and silver earrings.

-Birth- 'Ornate' Earring Advert

For the gentleman, a chunk fantastical necklace, reptilian glowing scaled orb dangling over the heart. Of course would likely look as good on the women :).

-Birth- 'Prisoned Orb' Necklace AQUA

Free Gift for Men and Women!
Men’s Hint:
It’s so windy!

Women’s Hint:
Such a nice view.

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